M & D Carpet and Floor Maintenance

M & D Carpet and Floor Maintenance 

M & D Floor and Maintenance

M & D Carpet and Floor Maintenance in Visalia, California and all surrounding areas has many services to offer.  

These services will provide the proper care and maintenance of your floor which will help keep it looking new for years to come. 

Here at M & D Carpet and Floor Maintenance,  we will take care of your flooring needs in the most professional and affordable manner, no matter what your flooring needs are.

Here are just a few of the carpet & flooring maintenance professional services we provide…

1. Carpet cleaning: At M & D Carpet and Floor Maintenance in Visalia our focus is to provide you with the most professional and outstanding Visalia carpet cleaning. We offer the best value you can find in the carpet cleaning industry. The reputation that we have maintained for over 25 years now shows that we only provide the most excellent technicians. These carpet cleaning technicians come highly recommended, therefore, you can trust them in your home. We utilize the most innovative cleaning technologies that allow any carpet to stay much cleaner and for a longer amount of time. This comes at a price that is surprisingly affordable. So, the combination of excellent technicians, most innovative cleaning technologies, and an affordable price provides you with tremendous value in maintaining your investment in your beautiful home.

carpet cleaning in visalia

2. Floor Maintenance: Flooring maintenance can be a tricky accomplishment to conquer. Our focus is to provide the cleaning of any type of flooring you may have and to keep up the maintenance of your beautiful floor for years to come. We service floor maintenance in Visalia and all surrounding areas.

3. Strip & Wax floors: This can be a very arduous accomplishment to do yourself. At M & D Carpet and Floor Maintenance in Visalia and all surrounding areas, we do all the work for you in the most professional and affordable manner. Whatever flooring you may have, commercial or residential, we will strip & wax your floors to make them shine and last beautifully! Especially, when it comes to a commercial building, we strip and wax the entire flooring, whatever footage that may be, we will accomplish the necessary solution needed.

4. Aggregate or Pebble tec cleaning: Yes! we provide this service to our clients. Aggregate flooring, also known as epoxy aggregate, rock flooring, stone flooring or Pebble Tec, as some call it, is a floor made out of small stones. You may call it Pebble Tec due to the brand name that was used as it became popular to coat swimming pools with small stones. This definitely takes professional cleaning and maintenance as we provide at M & D Carpet and Flooring Maintenance. Aggregate cleaning in Visalia, California is available to you. Also known as Pebble Tec cleaning in Visalia and also in all surrounding areas as well.

5. Office Building cleaning: M & D Carpet and Flooring Maintenance in Visalia provides top quality office cleaning services to a variety of infrastructures such as the following:

- Business Cleaning Services for Property Management Buildings
- Business Cleaning for Privately Owned Buildings
- Business Cleaning for Single & Multi-Tenant Buildings

We provide the best and most affordable office building cleaning in Visalia, Tulare and all other surrounding areas for your convenience.

6. Janitorial Maintenance Services: 
Providing the best and most affordable janitorial maintenance services in the Visalia area and all surroundings areas as well. 

- Janitorial Services to Match Along Side Your Office Building Maintenance 
- Business Janitorial Services for Property Management Buildings
- Janitorial Services for Privately Owned Buildings
- Janitorial Services for Single & Multi-Tenant Buildings

7. Clean Tile Floors & Countertops: 
Let me ask you this, has your residential or commercial buildings bathroom tile seen much better days? Is the grout on any type of patio you may have look older than it should? M & D Carpet and Floor Maintenance in Visalia says it’s time for restoring your stone, tile and grout!

Some or our services are great for:

*Any type of flooring
*All types of Saltillo Tile
*Every type of shower
* All and any grout
*And Much More…

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Long Beach Limo

Here’s what the Limo Service in Long Beach, California’s premier high-end limousine rental company states: “We pamper ou individuals and groups of all sizes with safe and stylish transportation services to and from airports, birthdays, weddings, proms, corporate events, parties, sporting events, quinceanera’s and everything else.”

I love using Limo Long Beach in Southern California for all my special events that I attend. Being pampered and treated with the utmost care when attending a concert or especially on a wine tour, makes me feel so special!

Take this honest review that I’m writing on Limo Service in Long Beach, Ca. and call them up today. There are so many occasions to rent a limo in Long Beach and all surrounding areas.

Use their limo to LAX, limo to John Wayne Airport or any surrounding airports that you have a flight to get to. Or you’re flying into one these airports and don’t want to deal with the terrible traffic and parking situations. They definitely do not mess around when it comes to making all their clients feel like a special VIP.  They want their Long Beach, LA and Orange County clients to always come back again and again to use their services.

I also noticed the limo drivers were professional, on time, and so very friendly that I was very impressed.In fact, I would say they were early to our appointment and at the end of our beautiful ride, the chauffeur went through the limousine with a fine-tooth-comb to make sure we had everything and didn’t leave any valuables behind!

As far as meeting our schedule and being flexible, they met those needs perfectly! As we changed our schedule in the middle of the event, they were perfectly good with it and accommodated what we wanted.

Since I’ve gotten to know the owners, I also found out that their entire staff is literally put through the ringer before they will hire them. However, at the same time their staff is paid very well to insure the utmost valuable employee to serve you.

It’s definitely ALL about their clients, that’s for sure. I was made to feel as if I hadn’t a care in the world and I was in a Top-Notch Long Beach Limo driving down the Coast with my family!

I can’t leave out the ‘Party Buses’ that Limo Service in Long Beach has. Outrageous party bus with a dance pole, if wanted, and so many amenities added that you have to give this one a try sometime. These gorgeous party buses can seat up to 100 people! That’s definitely a trip to Vegas huh…lol

I want to tell you more of my experience I had with this great limo service in Long Beach Ca…

long beach limo

At Limo Service Long Beach Ca, the only one that is important to the professional licensed limousine chauffeurs are YOU!

Their services range from A to Z in whatever your needs may be, they will deliver. Long Beach Limo has been providing airport and charter limousine service around the Los Angeles area for over 25 years.  They have every kind of limousine you would want, believe me.

They have classic limos, stretch limos and sedans, SUV limos, luxury vans, and party buses! Their Long Beach limos are well serviced and are always in top working condition due to our A-Class mechanics. So, if you looking to go to any of our surrounding airports, such as Long Beach Airport or LAX, or any other need for a luxury ride, Long Beach Limo rental is the company you want.

I also found out that their licensed top-notch limousine drivers are highly paid, therefore better than anyone in the business, ensuring that your Long Beach limousine rental is ‘more’ than you desired.

I remember my last Long Beach limo rental by them was such an amazing experience. As we drove along the coast, smelling the fresh Laguna Beach air (which is my favorite town) as we continued down Pacific Coast Highway, I remember thinking to myself, I have to let others know what a special time I’m having with this incredible and affordable limo ride!

As we got out of our limousine, our chauffeur was always right there to either open our doors or pour us a drink and let me just preface, he was not in our space bugging us while he was doing this. Which to me, was amazing because he was always there when needed and then he was out of our way when we wanted our own time!

I enjoyed writing about Limo Service in Long Beach, Ca. and I hope you enjoyed this as well. Now, get on over to their site and call them today! http://www.limolongbeach.org/

Giving you my best,

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