First Page of Google GUARANTEED-Beat any competitor

First Page of Google GUARANTEED-Beat any competitors fee!


I know Maria Galloway and she will guarantee you that she will get your business on the first page of Google. Best part of that is she will do it for a fraction of what these SEO Companies would charge you…

Do you have a brick and mortar business such as a Hair Salon or Gas Station or are you in an online business competing with millions of other affiliates?

If you do have any type of business, then you need Maria Galloway’s SEO Services, because she will get your business/website to the first page of Google!

Your business can be on the first page of Google guaranteed!

Lemme give you an example of one of her own businesses and that is “Instant Payday Network”.

Go to Google and type in Instant Payday Network. Her blog comes up in the Top 4 sites on Page 1 of Google. She is competing with over 1,940,000 other sites!

That’s huge my friends, now check out this one, type into Google ‘make money online being over 50′.  She usually comes up with the first ’2′ sites on page 1 of Google, competing with over 550,000,000 other sites!  That is very hard to accomplish, yet she did it!

Maria Galloway can do this for you also!

First Page of Google Guaranteed

If your business needs more customers, she is the person to call immediately. Especially, due to her very reasonable fees!

Hope you enjoyed this blog,

How To Find The Best SEO Company in Los Angeles!

How To Find The Best SEO Company in Los Angeles

Everyone who owns a business, whether that be a brick and mortar or an online business, you all need customers!

So, if you are in need of more customers for your business, please be sure and watch the video above on “How to Find The Best SEO Company in Los Angeles“…

The woman that actually can put your business on the first page of Google for a very affordable price is Maria Galloway.

YOUR business will be on the first page of Google no matter what kind of business you have.

For example, if you have an offline business such as a restaurant or liquor store etc., she will get your business site on Google’s first page which means many more customers which means more money!

Or an online business, such as a MLM and need people to sign-up with you, she will get your site on the first page of Google.

All of this for half the price of all other SEO Companies! Guaranteed…

So, go here now and find out How To Find The Best SEO Company in Los Angeles.

Also, if you need a website for your business, she will build one for you for no extra charges!

Seriously, that’s an incredible deal for a business owner, especially today when these huge SEO Companies are charging hundreds if not thousands of dollars on a monthly basis.

Call today after you watch her video. If you want and need more customers or sign-ups for your business, which means more money, than get your business on the first page of Google with Maria Galloway.

Again, if you need a website for your business, she’ll do that also which is included in the monthly price.

All the best to you,

Looking for a Limousine Service in Newport Beach, Cali…

This is an insanely gorgeous limo service in Newport Beach.

The limo service in Newport Beach Ca., is a definite ‘MUST-DO’ for they are so affordable and luxurious, best part you are treated like a VIP!

They have a fleet of limousines including the following:

1. Luxurious stretch limousines

2. Executive sedans

3. Corporate limos 

4. SUV limos

5. Escalades


7. Outrageous party bus 

As you know, Newport Beach is one of the most affluent areas in the entire United States. Being there and seeing the sights through Newport Beach Limo must be an extraordinary experience.

There are so many reasons to hire a limousine service in Newport Beach. Let me just list a few of the occasions below for you:

1. Corporate Event
2. Business Meeting
3. Anniversary
4. Birthday
5. Sporting Event
6. Wedding
7. Prom/Homecoming
8. Quinceanera
9. Airport Service
10. Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

This list of reasons why you should call Newport Beach Limo is only a few.  Even going to a beautiful Night on The Town in Newport, is another great reason to call us.

You are the most important person to them when booking a limo service in Newport Beach, Ca. When you are in their limousines, even after you are complete with your limousine service, they want you to come back and ride with them again and again.

Whatever your needs and wants are, Newport Beach Limo will deliver to the best of their ability with the utmost respect. They always over-deliver to pamper our clients.

Call them today and see if we have some kind of special going on!

Their chauffeurs are professional, punctual, patriotic and polite. Californians rave about our upscale Newport Beach limousine drivers. These chauffeurs treat everyone person so special. They are paid extremely well, therefore, treat everyone with such respect and are so responsive to all ones needs!

Newport Beach limousine tour is available for all major attractions such as:

*  Balboa Island
*  Newport Beach Peninsula
*  Universal Studios
*  Disneyland
*  Knott’s Berry Farm
*  J. Paul Getty Museum
*  Sea World
*  San Diego Zoo
*  La Brea Tar Pits
*  Chinatown
*  Music Center
*  And More..

So, you see you not only get the best limo service in Newport Beach Ca., but you get to be in the most beautiful and richest towns in the USA…


That’s it,

Empower Network Review – URGENT UPDATE!

Empower Network Review – Truth Revealed!

Empower Network Review… I’m ready to lay down this Empower Network Review for you…


Notice: If You Are An Expectant Mother Or Have A History Of Heart Problems Hit The Back Button Now! This About To Get Real…

This information won’t make me too popular.

Might have to skip town and lay low for a few weeks once I hit that publish button.

But I am revealing the scoop for my loyal readers.

And you deserve the truth, so I’ll risk it.

If you’re seeking the facts behind Empower Network, then the buck stops here.

So, let’s get right to the topic. Shall we?

Rap Sheet

On Halloween 2011 while the world was dressed up and celebrating, Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe were hashing a plan for world domination in flip flops and tank tops.

Empower Network was spawned that night.

A program that let affiliates (click here to learn more) sell high ticket marketing products and earn big commissions!

If affiliates chose they could also participate in a powerful pass up compensation model and build a team.

People said it wouldn’t work.

People said the model needed to be proven.

People said these two guys were lunatics not capable of running a respectable company.

And although the company had lot’s of hiccups out the gate here we are in 2014 and Empower Network is still going strong.



There are a handful of words I would use to describe Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe.

Smart, rebellious, and gangster are all on the top of the list.

They founded the company together after collectively spending years in the internet marketing world as reps.

The Dave’s both have backgrounds riddled with funny, shocking, and heart breaking stories.

From Dave Wood living in a van in Hawaii and getting fired from the Green Peace (yes you would think that would be hard to have happen but if you meet Dave you’ll get it) to Dave Sharpe conquering himself to be able to come back and triumph over drug and alcohol abuse these two men are interesting and resilient individuals to say the least.

When you look at them the word “professional” is far from the tip of your tongue.

They curse, they wear flip flops and tank tops, and they don’t give a crap what you think about any of that.

It catches a lot of people off guard and not surprisingly turns some people off.

I personally find it refreshing.

The world doesn’t need another boring fat cat CEO in a suit talking about mission statements and global expansion.

I’m all for a little more unconventional business.


Outstanding Digital Products

Yes despite what you may have heard in the streets there are real products inside the company.

People that are talking that smack better lock it up.

Want a peek at the outstanding products?

Core Products

  • The Viral Blogging System (Blog Beast). Super simple to use. Comes with new Fast Start training. Very mobile friendly. Despite the small wrinkles that still need to be ironed out this blog is great for new people getting into blogging who have limited technical skill.
    Cost: $25/mo.
  • Inner Circle Audios. An entire library of downloadable mp3 audios featuring some of the top internet marketers on the planet sharing CURRENT strategies, mindset, and action steps.
    Cost: $100/mo.
  • Costa Rica Intensive. This is a recording of the live event that took place in Costa Rica and gives some insight into how and why Empower Network was created. Not my favorite product but there are some gems in here if you look for them.
    Cost: $500.
  • 15K Formula. Jam packed with training webinars with the latest and greatest marketing strategies. This product has in my opinion the most value and has the power to make you a fortune if you implement what you learn in here.
    Cost: $1,000
  • Masters Course. For serious marketers only. If you’re not looking to make a full time income marketing you probably will not need this. However, if you are serious and want a hefty $3,000 commission, this is a valuable big ticket product. Note: You must personally call me to enroll is this product.
    Cost: $3,500.

Additional Products

  • The Viral Blogging Academy. Blog training with great implementable 90 day action plan.
    Cost: $297.
  • High Ticket Academy. Down and dirty strategy and “how to” for high end four figure sales.
    Cost: $497.
  • Internet Traffic Formula. Incredible new traffic course. Packed with tons of value.
    Cost: $997.

All the products have their pros and cons.

But overall the material has everything someone needs to be successful as a marketer.

As you’ve probably noticed I prefer to use a blog like this over the Blog Beast platform. Nothing personal, I’m just used to this style. For new people a blog like this can be a little overwhelming to start so best to keep it simple.

There’s no order to how the products need to be purchased. Feel free to purchase and upgrade however you like.

Chip Stacking Compensation Plan


Feel like checking the cheddar like a food inspector?

I have you covered with the Empower Network Compensation Plan info.

First things first, make sure you pay your affiliate fee so you can earn commissions.
Cost $19.95/mo

You can only earn a commission on a product if you:

A) Own the product yourself.

B) Make a sale of that particular product to a non-affiliate.

If you make a sale and haven’t met one of these two requirements first then you’re going to be buttering your sponsors bread and passing that cash up to them.

Most of the products you sell will pay you 100% commissions. Even the monthly ones.

The Masters Course and The Viral Blogging Academy pay out a little less at 80%.

The company built in a pass up system where you are required to pass up your 1st, 3rd, 5th and every 5th sale ongoing to your sponsor.

This gives your sponsor some incentive to help you grow your organization and also provides you with leverage from the sales being passed up to you from your team as you grow it.

Remember that every product is treated separately in the compensation plan so the pass ups are linked to the products not the person.

The Good

If you want to take your marketing game to the next level and roll hard in the streets you’re not going to find better marketing information out there.

High Ticket is the key. Don’t play yourself with itsy bitsy commissions. Go big.

High converting done for you offer and sales funnel. The hard work is done now get some eyeballs on it!

The Bad

If you want all the products you have to pony up and it’s going to cost you some bank.

Like all new concepts there is no shortage of controversy and haters you will need get over.

Regardless of how good the product offering, training, and size of opportunity the failure rate is still high as it is with most home based businesses.

The Down and Dirty

Alright. I just dropped the facts on you.

The truth is the products work and they definitely have value. Value is obviously subjective but I sure got a lot out of going through them all and learned some good techniques.

From the perspective of marketing this as a business I also give it a thumbs up. The products are simple to sell and even though it’s sort of a love it or hate it company, I’m ok with that.

Most people who join as an affiliate are going to end up doing nothing with it.

That’s the way it is.

I won’t hold it against you.

If you decide to go in on the affiliate tip just remember to manage your expectations and understand that marketing although lucrative and simple requires a lot of work!

Don’t sign up and start looking at Lamborghini’s if you’re a lazy and looking for handouts.

But if you’re serious and want to change your life for the better with some hard work and a trusted leader, then look no further!

Take Action


If you’re ready to take the information in the products seriously and work hard then allow me to throw my hat in the ring to lead you in the right direction.

I can show you a few things about blogging above and beyond what’s contained within the companies products.

Chances are good you found this blog because it ranks high on Google. Hint. Hint.

Want me to show you how you can do it too?

Notice: Click here if you are an A Player and serious to get started…

And if you’ve read this far it means I can also show you how to write a compelling article.

The truth is once you learn a few skills like I have you can have sales come in everyday without spending all day on the phone or in meetings.

In fact when you turn this system on, the sales come in whether you like it or not and the genie DOES NOT go back in the lamp.

Making bank like this is the height of living your dream.

If you think you can handle that then give me a virtual cheers and click the cup to get started!


Thanks for coming by to chill.

Now I need to duck out before the powers that be find out what I’ve told you come looking for me.

And if you have any questions regarding the Empower Network Compensation review, please drop a comment on my blog.

The Passive Income Expert,
James Sahady

M & D Carpet and Floor Maintenance in Visalia

M & D Carpet and Floor Maintenance 

M & D Carpet and Floor Maintenance in Visalia, California and all surrounding areas has many services to offer.  

These services will provide the proper care and maintenance of your floor which will help keep it looking new for years to come. 

Here at M & D Carpet cleaning in Visalia,  we will take care of your flooring needs in the most professional and affordable manner, no matter what your flooring needs are.

Here are just a few of the carpet & flooring maintenance professional services we provide…

1. Carpet cleaning: At M & D Carpet and Floor Maintenance in Visalia our focus is to provide you with the most professional and outstanding carpet cleaning in Visalia. We offer the best value you can find in the carpet cleaning industry. The reputation that we have maintained for over 25 years now shows that we only provide the most excellent technicians. These carpet cleaning technicians come highly recommended, therefore, you can trust them in your home. We utilize the most innovative cleaning technologies that allow any carpet to stay much cleaner and for a longer amount of time. This comes at a price that is surprisingly affordable. So, the combination of excellent technicians, most innovative cleaning technologies, and an affordable price provides you with tremendous value in maintaining your investment in your beautiful home. Go to M & D Carpet and Floor Maintenance for the best carpet cleaning in Visalia.

carpet cleaning in visalia

2. Floor Maintenance: Flooring maintenance can be a tricky accomplishment to conquer. Our focus is to provide the cleaning of any type of flooring you may have and to keep up the maintenance of your beautiful floor for years to come. We service floor maintenance in Visalia and all surrounding areas.

3. Strip & Wax floors: This can be a very arduous accomplishment to do yourself. At M & D Carpet and Floor Maintenance in Visalia and all surrounding areas, we do all the work for you in the most professional and affordable manner. Whatever flooring you may have, commercial or residential, we will strip & wax your floors to make them shine and last beautifully! Especially, when it comes to a commercial building, we strip and wax the entire flooring, whatever footage that may be, we will accomplish the necessary solution needed.

4. Aggregate or Pebble tec cleaning: Yes! we provide this service to our clients. Aggregate flooring, also known as epoxy aggregate, rock flooring, stone flooring or Pebble Tec, as some call it, is a floor made out of small stones. You may call it Pebble Tec due to the brand name that was used as it became popular to coat swimming pools with small stones. This definitely takes professional cleaning and maintenance as we provide at M & D Carpet and Flooring Maintenance. Aggregate cleaning in Visalia, California is available to you. Also known as Pebble Tec cleaning in Visalia and also in all surrounding areas as well.

5. Office Building cleaning: M & D Carpet and Flooring Maintenance in Visalia provides top quality office cleaning services to a variety of infrastructures such as the following:

- Business Cleaning Services for Property Management Buildings
- Business Cleaning for Privately Owned Buildings
- Business Cleaning for Single & Multi-Tenant Buildings

We provide the best and most affordable office building cleaning in Visalia, Tulare and all other surrounding areas for your convenience.

6. Janitorial Maintenance Services: 
Providing the best and most affordable janitorial cleaning in Visalia area and all surroundings areas as well. 

- Janitorial Services to Match Along Side Your Office Building Maintenance 
- Business Janitorial Services for Property Management Buildings
- Janitorial Services for Privately Owned Buildings
- Janitorial Services for Single & Multi-Tenant Buildings

7. Clean Tile Floors & Countertops: 
Let me ask you this, has your residential or commercial buildings bathroom tile seen much better days? Is the grout on any type of patio you may have look older than it should? M & D Carpet and Floor Maintenance in Visalia says it’s time for restoring your stone, tile and grout!

So, if you live in Visalia, Tulare, Exeter and all other surrounding areas, you can get the best carpet cleaning in Visalia. You can get the best janitorial services in Visalia. Also the best carpet cleaning in Tulare and all the other cities! All your flooring needs will be met with M & D Carpet and Floor Maintenance in Visalia…

Best Regards,

LIMO SERVICE IN LONG BEACH CA | Book In Less Than 3 Minutes!


Long Beach Limo

Here’s what the Limo Service in Long Beach, California’s premier high-end limousine rental company states: “We pamper ou individuals and groups of all sizes with safe and stylish transportation services to and from airports, birthdays, weddings, proms, corporate events, parties, sporting events, quinceanera’s and everything else.”

I love using Limo Long Beach in Southern California for all my special events that I attend. Being pampered and treated with the utmost care when attending a concert or especially on a wine tour, makes me feel so special!

Take this honest review that I’m writing on Limo Service in Long Beach, Ca. and call them up today. There are so many occasions to rent a limo in Long Beach and all surrounding areas.

Use their limo to LAX, limo to John Wayne Airport or any surrounding airports that you have a flight to get to. Or you’re flying into one these airports and don’t want to deal with the terrible traffic and parking situations. They definitely do not mess around when it comes to making all their clients feel like a special VIP.  They want their Long Beach, LA and Orange County clients to always come back again and again to use their services.

I also noticed the limo drivers were professional, on time, and so very friendly that I was very impressed.In fact, I would say they were early to our appointment and at the end of our beautiful ride, the chauffeur went through the limousine with a fine-tooth-comb to make sure we had everything and didn’t leave any valuables behind!

As far as meeting our schedule and being flexible, they met those needs perfectly! As we changed our schedule in the middle of the event, they were perfectly good with it and accommodated what we wanted.

Since I’ve gotten to know the owners, I also found out that their entire staff is literally put through the ringer before they will hire them. However, at the same time their staff is paid very well to insure the utmost valuable employee to serve you.

It’s definitely ALL about their clients, that’s for sure. I was made to feel as if I hadn’t a care in the world and I was in a Top-Notch Long Beach Limo driving down the Coast with my family!

I can’t leave out the ‘Party Buses’ that Limo Service in Long Beach has. Outrageous party bus with a dance pole, if wanted, and so many amenities added that you have to give this one a try sometime. These gorgeous party buses can seat up to 100 people! That’s definitely a trip to Vegas huh…lol

I want to tell you more of my experience I had with this great limo service in Long Beach Ca…

long beach limo

At Limo Service Long Beach Ca, the only one that is important to the professional licensed limousine chauffeurs are YOU!

Their services range from A to Z in whatever your needs may be, they will deliver. Long Beach Limo has been providing airport and charter limousine service around the Los Angeles area for over 25 years.  They have every kind of limousine you would want, believe me.

They have classic limos, stretch limos and sedans, SUV limos, luxury vans, and party buses! Their Long Beach limos are well serviced and are always in top working condition due to our A-Class mechanics. So, if you looking to go to any of our surrounding airports, such as Long Beach Airport or LAX, or any other need for a luxury ride, Long Beach Limo rental is the company you want.

I also found out that their licensed top-notch limousine drivers are highly paid, therefore better than anyone in the business, ensuring that your Long Beach limousine rental is ‘more’ than you desired.

I remember my last Long Beach limo rental by them was such an amazing experience. As we drove along the coast, smelling the fresh Laguna Beach air (which is my favorite town) as we continued down Pacific Coast Highway, I remember thinking to myself, I have to let others know what a special time I’m having with this incredible and affordable limo ride!

As we got out of our limousine, our chauffeur was always right there to either open our doors or pour us a drink and let me just preface, he was not in our space bugging us while he was doing this. Which to me, was amazing because he was always there when needed and then he was out of our way when we wanted our own time!

I enjoyed writing about Limo Service in Long Beach, Ca. and I hope you enjoyed this as well. Now, get on over to their site and call them today!

Giving you my best,